10 Tips On How to Travel With Your Dog Around The World

Have you ever dreamed of traveling with a dog on all the trips you will go? It is possible to fulfill this dream because traveling with a dog becomes easier than ever and now you can take your pets on planes without any problem. Below I have listed my 10 tips on how to travel with your dog around the world.

You may have seen a lot of pets on airplanes every time you fly. You may have heard some setbacks on the news, but these are a few cases. For the most part, taking a dog on a plane is easy, and they will travel safely.

If you are lucky enough to travel with a dog by plane, there are few things you need to consider, such as the well-being and safety of the dog. In this article, we will discuss 10 tips on how to travel the world with your dog. These tips will help you prepare and feel a little relieved during the trip.

Easy To Follow Guide to International Traveling With Your Dog

Taking the first flight with your four-legged friend is always dramatic. You feel confused about how to fly with dogs or how to bring a dog on a plane? But getting a dog on a plane will be a lot easier after following these tips.

#1 A visit to the vet is necessary

If you plan to fly with your pet, the first thing you should do is talk to your vet. Inform your vet about the plan to fly with your dog and ask if your dog is healthy and fit to fly.

If your vet has approved your dog’s health status, you are ready to go. Also, check all necessary vaccinations required by the country you are visiting. If your dog suffers from travel sickness, you can request the necessary medication.

Traveling the World With Your Dog

#2. Gather all the necessary documents of your dog

Most European countries have strict rules about the dog’s vaccination status. Some countries will not allow entry if your dog is not vaccinated against rabies. You should speak to your vet and obtain the documents for all the necessary vaccinations. Most airlines request these documents 10 days before the trip. Whether it’s your airline, another country, or hotel, you will always be asked for proof.

#3 Check the breed restrictions

Traveling the World With Your Dog


Now a day, most airlines are placing restrictions on brachycephalic breeds. Brachycephalic are short-nosed dog breeds like boxers, Boston terrier, and bulldogs. Also, check with your airline if they allow your dog to travel in the cabin or in the cargo section. Some airlines allow the short-nosed breed to travel in the cabin if they meet the weight requirements.

#4 Book your flight early

Book your flight in advance because most airlines only allow one or two dogs to travel on each flight. Never confirm your ticket until airlines confirm that a seat is available for your dog on the plane. If the seat is reserved, save the tickets. Always review all pet travel documents and strategies.

Similarly, get to the airport on time, not too early and not too late. Most airports do not allow your pet to check-in 4 hours before the flight. According to most airlines’ travel rule, it is best to arrive two hours before the flight when traveling with your dog. When you arrive at the airport, inform about the arrival of your pet at the counter.

#5 Don’t feed too much before flying

Do Not Feed Too Much Before Flying

Feeding your dog just before the flight is the worst thing you can do with your pet. Always feed your pet plenty of time before going to the airport. Believe me, you will feel bad if your dog has an accident at the airport. Now some airports have a pet rest area where you can take your dog before boarding the flight.

If you have a long 12-15 hour flight, make sure your dog doesn’t get dehydrated during the flight. It is not possible to provide water during the flight, which is why most pet owners give their dog ice cubes to play with. This will not only keep your pup busy, but it will also keep him hydrated during the flight. If you have your dog in the cabin, you can ask for some extra ice cubes for your pet.

#6 Don’t use Sedatives

Some people may suggest you give sedatives before flying with your dog. Never do this. Vets do not recommend sedatives, as they will affect your dog’s ability to control body temperature at high altitudes. If your dog is too shy or anxious, you can use CBD oil treats as they are perfect for calming your pet.

#7 Pack all the travel essentials

Before going on a trip, it is necessary to pack all the essentials for your dogs. Some dogs get anxious when they get on board, so it’s best to bring their favorite chew toy or bone to keep them busy during the flight.

Other essentials to pack are:

  • Grooming brush and combs
  • Specific dog medication
  • Flea control products
  • Dog collar and ids
  • Dog towels and stain remover
  • Dried dog food and treats
  • Water bottle
  • Leash and poop bags
  • Food and water dishes

#8 Buy a carrier

The dog carrier is essential for air travel, regardless of the size and weight of your dog. Dog carriers are available for dogs of all sizes, whether it’s a Great Dane or a Poodle. Carriers are available in two forms, soft-sided and hard-sided.

Soft-sided carriers are perfect for air travel because they are easy to transport and can easily fit under the seat, but soft-sided carriers are only allowed inside cabins. If your dog is traveling in the cargo, he will need hard-sided carriers with adequate ventilation holes.

When selecting a dog carrier, be sure to select one that your dog can easily stand, move, rollover, and lie down. If the carrier has hard edges, it will cause injury to your dog. Furthermore, if your dog is not comfortable in the carrier, your airline will not allow him to travel.

#9 Know how to pass the security

When you arrive at the airport, you will have to go through security. To do this, you have to remove the collar and leash from your dog. Otherwise, it will beep through the metal detector. Apart from this, all essentials for your dog and yours will go through the X-ray machine. It is recommended not to pack anything high maintenance like a laptop or liquids.

#10 When you arrive at your destination, take a walk

Traveling the World With Your Dog

As soon as you arrive at your destination, don’t go straight to your hotel, go for a walk first. A walk will help your dog get used to the new environment and feel a little relaxed from the trip’s stress. After the hike, when you check-in at the hotel, your dog will relax and be ready for new adventures.

Final words

Traveling with your dog is always fun if you follow all the travel rules. If you follow all the tips to travel with your dog around the world described above, there is a good chance that you will enjoy all the adventures with your dog. It is best to fully prepare before traveling with your dog to avoid any possible problems when exploring the world with your furry companion. Preparing to travel with your dog around the world will make all the difference.  Happy exploring!



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