8 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog

Black dogs have fascinated humans through the ages. From depictions of black dogs as the hounds of hell to black dog-like gods in Ancient Egypt, there is no denying that black dogs have captured our hearts and imaginations since the beginning of civilization. Love them or fear them, there are few things more striking than the face of a black dog. From Labs to Newfoundlands, Pugs, Miniature Schnauzers, Great Danes, Cane Corsos to mixed breeds, black dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you pass one on the street or have one lying next to you on the couch, black dogs are pretty awesome.

Here are our favorite things to love about black dogs:

1 Always ready to go

While you should always keep your dog clean and well-groomed, with a black dog that last-minute roll in the mud right before dinner guests arrive might be a little less noticeable! Compared to dogs with light fur, dirt shows up much less on black dogs — which can be convenient.

Photography ©damedeeso | Getty Images

2 Improve your photography

Want a new hobby? Black dogs might be very photogenic, but they can also be harder to photograph, especially inside or in low-lighting situations. Like any other dog guardian, you are going to want to take lots of pictures of your dog, so you’ll end up becoming an amateur photographer to get that perfect shot.

3 Look good in everything

Who doesn’t love to spoil their dog? Fancy dog collars, bandannas and even costumes all look fantastic on black dogs. You can go with any color accessory and it will stand out beautifully against your dog’s coat. Don’t forget bejeweled leashes and designer dog beds. Your black dog will coordinate with any doggie décor or accessory!

love black dogs

Photography ©GlobalP | Getty Images

4 Match your tux/gown

Do you like to dress up? Having a black dog means your pup will always coordinate with your favorite little black dress. Not into dressing up but wear a lot of black? Having a black dog means that your dog’s fur is way less likely to show up on you. Basically, black dogs make anyone look more pulled together.

5 Hide-and-Seek

Your black dog will be the perfect hide-and-seek partner because of how easily he can blend into dark corners of your house. As a fun trick, teach your black dog to hide in closets or corners, but don’t forget to teach your dog to
come, or you might be searching for a while!

Photo: Getty Images/Domagoj

6 They might be magical

In Europe and especially England, there are many examples in folklore about apparitions of black dogs. Although sometimes this mythology portrays these big, black dogs as haunting “hellhounds,” the ancient Egyptians worshiped the god Anubis who was associated with the afterlife. Anubis is depicted as a black dog-like figure. God or hound of hell — either way you have a brilliant built-in Halloween costume!

7 Introvert bestie

Don’t like talking to people? Get a black dog! People have a lot of preconceived misconceptions that black dogs are mean or unapproachable, so having a black dog might mean people leave you alone, which means more uninterrupted time hanging out with your dog! (Although you should always be a black dog ambassador and help dispel people of that myth!)

8 Hidden speed bump

Black dogs are likely to make you go bump in the night! It seems like all dogs like to sleep right where your feet need to be, and black dogs are almost invisible, especially in the middle of the night when you’re heading to the kitchen for a drink of water or a snack. The good thing is if there were ever a burglar, your black dog would also trip them — and then probably lick them to death.

Featured Image: m01229 via Flickr.

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