About Me



Hello and welcome!


My name is Ray Kappel, I am originally from the west suburbs of Chicago and moved to Denver in 2014 where I currently reside.  I work for United Airlines since 2017 and love to travel now. Seeing first-hand different cultures has changed my mental landscape in how I view the world in a very positive way.  We have been to 14 countries since getting the job and explored many more states here domestically.  I am an avid snowboarder (kind of hard not to like it living in Colorado lol) Love to camp in the mountains all over Colorado, to the beautiful landscapes and parks in Utah has to offer as well

Back in Illinois growing up I had dogs during different phases of growing up. 1-6 years old we had a golden retriever that my dad had since college, we then fostered a Rhodesian Ridgeback for 3 years and then adopted another rescue that was a Collie/Sheperd mix.  We had her until she sadly passed away very tragically due to a freak problem with her spleen at age 7 in 2015.  My ex who I had been living with at the time out of the house had had a wonderful labrador mix that lived with us until we went our separate ways shortly after moving to Colorado

Now living happily in Colorado together for 4  years- my girlfriend and I recently adopted a puppy named Lilou (pictured above).  She was born on February 26,202o and now I am navigating being a dog parent from the very beginning when we got her when she was about 6.5 weeks old.  She is now 3 months old at the time of writing.  I can’t wait to share things with you as I navigate being a new puppy parent myself 🙂

This brings me to my inspiration for my site.  With plentiful experiences raising dogs personally, knowing many people who own dogs and knowing people that train dogs, I have found a passion and an exuberant interest myself in all of our furry friend’s well-being both from a nutritional standpoint and behavioral standpoint.  My goal is to share pictures, videos, and cool products I find for dogs that catch my eye.  I look forward to sharing Lilou showing first hand how she likes or does not like something as well haha.  I will also try to post things regarding dog to dog play, dog to human interaction, and overall practicing good manners.  I hope you enjoy the site! Cheers!