Best Waterproof Dog Beds 2020- Great for Puppies!

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Best Waterproof Dog beds

Does your dog frequently wet its bed? Dogs have many causes for wetting their bed. Incontinence is a very common problem discussed among dog lovers, and it may be caused by spaying, old age, diseases of the urinary tract, and even panic.  In this post, I have compiled a list of the best waterproof dog beds to help solve your issues in 2020.

It can be very challenging for you and your doggies to deal with this issue. One way you can manage it, although, is by bringing a sturdy and best waterproof dog bed into your house and checking at least one worry out!

If you have a puppy that is not yet toilet trained, an elderly dog with incontinence problems, or a canine that literally cannot contain his bladder- a washable waterproof dog bed is a great option.

But where do you start, with so many choices out there? Don’t worry- our detailed guide will help you out to the best waterproof dog bed choices!

Why Do Dogs Need a Waterproof Bed?

As described earlier, the best waterproof dog bed is by far the simplest option to go if your dog has difficulty regulating its bladder through the night.

Whereas other dog beds can easily get destroyed from urine soaking through a mattress’ fabric, you can wipe it off with a waterproof pad, clean it, and it’s like brand new.

However, waterproof dog beds are not only useful for urine safety. They even help deflect vomiting, diarrhea and other unexpected accidents. Some others are also fit for outdoor activities, for example, camping.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Dog Beds

Make sure to check the labels, because there is a big difference between waterproof dog beds and water-resistant ones.

Although water-resistant dog beds are probably better than none, they are made of a material that allows the liquid to bead onto the surface rather than whisper away.

Below are some of the best waterproof dog beds available on the market today.


  1. Brindle Waterproof Design Memory Foam Pet Bed


This dog bed doesn’t have a waterproof cover; it is a custom-built waterproof enclosure that lies just below the fabric cover surface. Even so, this does come with a removable cover that, in case of emergencies or excessive hair build-up, is very simple to unzip and throw into the washing machine.

The 4′′ thick bed mattress filled with fluffy memory foam provides your dog plenty of comfort in all the right places when he rests his head down at night. Also, it adjusts itself appropriately to your pet’s weight, so it operates just as well with bigger and smaller dogs. The hypoallergenic surface also ensures your pet is quite protected from dust mites and other allergens to the environment.

Also, there is a three-year warranty to ensure you are fully satisfied with the product after making a purchase.


  • Dirt and Hair Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Removable Case


  • Sharp Claws Can Penetrate Cover


 2. Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed


This waterproof dog bed is extremely supportive and comfortable and has built-in pressure point releases that give bone and joint support to elderly dogs. There’s also a waterproof dog bed cover that is very easy to take on and off, making it a clean breeze.

Filled with crushed memory foam stuff, your dog can sleep peacefully, safe against future nighttime accidents. The anti-skid layer at the bottom of the bed, as a bonus, stops it from sliding around every time it gets up or is lying down.

An ideal choice for households with bigger dogs, the said product also comes with a large size, accommodating dogs among 50-80 pounds, and extra-large, suitable for weighing up to 120 pounds.


  • Available in different colors
  • Options are available for any size dog
  • Pure Premium shared memory foam
  • The memory foam provides extra orthopedic support


  • Memory Foam is the title of the ad is deceiving
  • Not all dogs like an extra-plush bed
  • The lumps are very firm.


  1. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Large Dog Pillow


The Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed arrives with a four-bolster layout, which gives your pooch support for the spine. You may either use this product for a medium-sized dog or for several small dogs who would love to greet each other in an elevated space in the middle. This item’s Liafug foam is very common for maintaining its shape after everyday use for three days.

The popular Laifug foam is guaranteed to maintain at least 90 percent of its shape and help three years after your purchase for lasting comfort.

That is one of the best waterproof dog beds when it comes to washable waterproof dog beds. It provides a washable, waterproof cover and a waterproof interior lining to protect the memory foam.


  • The bed is backed by a generous three-year guarantee
  • The modern design is sleek and stylish
  • The orthopedic memory foam offers extra joint support


  • The bed doesn’t accommodate small and medium dogs
  • Users reported issues with the zipper
  • It is a little more pricey than most dog beds on the market


  1. K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed


There’s no memory foam in this waterproof dog bed, but it has a plush cushion.  And the middle of this dog bed is made of wire. This helps your dog to stay calm and cuddly while they’re in rest.

This dog bed is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. K&H has four solid metal poles with non-skid rubber feet to lift this frame. The wind and your dog will find it difficult to turn the bed around.

The cotton used on this bed is a durable, 600-denier nylon fabric that is waterproof. Even this fabric is resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria. You may also strip the bolster from this dog bed and wash it with a vacuum.

You can very easily assemble and disassemble this dog bed, without having to use any equipment. There is a one-year warranty if this bed breaks or something goes wrong with this dog bed. Contact K&H, and after one year of the sale, they will respect your warranty.


  • Elevated Bed
  • Mesh Center for Cooling
  • Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria Resistant


  • The Mesh Center Can Tear On Faulty Products


  1. Fur Donut Cuddler from Best Friends by Sheri


Some dogs would need a bed, which gives them an additional amount of protection. For such circumstances, we suggest this Sheri’s Best Friends Fur Donut Cuddler.

This round, super soft bed features an elevated rim around the hat’s sides that provides added comfort and security. It also acts as a support to the leg.

As far as waterproofing is concerned, the bottom is waterproof so that liquids cannot reach the floor, and when soiled, the whole bed can be put in the washing machine.

Yeah, and have we just mentioned the ultra-soft surface? The fur materials are reminiscent of a fur coat from a mother and provide a feeling of extra warmth.

The bed is available in S-XL sizes, and the color can be selected from taupe or frost.


  • The bed is a cozy oasis for dogs
  • The super-soft materials keep pups comfortable and warm
  • The waterproof bed bottom stops any annoying accidents and spills from leaking to the floor
  • It is 100% Vegan fur


  • After washing the unit, you can’t air the bed dry; instead, you must put it in the dryer to prevent matting
  • Puppies or dogs with frequent teething or chewing activity are not appropriate for the bed


  1. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed


BarkBox can be known as the monthly subscription service. But they also sell a range of other dog items-like a waterproof dog bed of high quality.

This supportive memory foam pad provides soothing support and helps ease any aches and pains that a dog has. The shape many dogs prefer so they do not fall off the side of the bed.

And this dog bed features a waterproof lining inside the cover to help prevent accidents. This zippered cover slips off quickly, and when dirty, can be thrown into the wash.

Another nice thing about this bed is that sizes S-XL is available so you’ll have a choice for any size dog.


  • The bed comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • The memory foam is great for a dog’s joints
  • The waterproof cover is machine washable, so it’s super easy to clean


  • Some users report issues with the zipper
  • The bed arrives vacuum packed, so it needs to rest for three days before use
  • The larger sizes may not fit the biggest dog breeds


  1. PetFusion Large Dog Bed


The transparent cover is available in three stylish colors to prevent water and provide protection against incidents while the inner lining is waterproof. Even the bed is extremely comfortable and free of any toxic substances, so you can be sure that your dog is as good and clean as possible.

Pet owners who wished their dog to have a waterproof bed were very pleased that this waterproof dog bed came with bolsters around the side each time they used the bed to give their dog extra protection. They weren’t pleased because when you put it in the wash, the cover seemed to pile up or wrinkle, and this made it hard for them to put it back on.


  • Comes with four inches of memory foam for support
  • Contains supportive walls
  • The cover is easy to spot, clean and throw in the washing machine


  • Cover bunches or wrinkles
  • The cover may not prevent stains from leaking through
  • Cover traps dog hair
  1. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


This durable dog bed features 4 inches of luxurious quality memory foam that cushions your dog. At the same time, they sleep, and it’s made from very sturdy material to make sure this bed lasts through regular wear and tear. All you have to do to disinfect it is take off the plastic cover and put it in the washing machine when your dog has an accident.

You can select from four sizes ranging from small to extra-large, and the bed cover has anti-slip rubber grips applied to the bottom, which do not cause your dog’s bed to slip or fall over the floor they move about. This bed is licensed to be made from only organic products containing no toxins, which makes your dog’s bed healthier.


  • Interior Rubber Grips
  • Zipper for Fast Removal


  • Not Resistant to Mold and Mildew


  1. SportPet Designs Waterproof Pet Bed


This inexpensive bed by SportPet Designs is the final entry on our guide to best waterproof dog bed choices.

The bed is built to give your dog an immediate snuggle spot. Or you might use it for a perfect match with a Sport Pet Design kennel.

The foundation is waterproof, and non-skid materials are also available to help it remain in place. And if a dog leaves the bed dirty, do not worry-you can throw it in the wash and relax.


  • The bed is designed to fit a kennel like a glove
  • This is the most affordable option on the list
  • You can move machine wash quickly, and air dry the bed when dirty


  • It only comes in one color
  • Some users report that the anti-slip beads at the bottom can come off

What Should I Look for in A Waterproof Dog Bed?

  1. Machine Washable

You can make sure that the best dog bed you buy has a cover that you can remove and wash easily in the machine. It’s a minor issue, but your dog will spend a lot of time on its bed, and it’s going to get a bad smell. When the cover is washable by the machine, you can clean it more often and avoid odor. And you’re not going to have to waste all the time washing hands and drying air.

  1. Memory Foam Padding

This is not mandatory, but it is a good function to have for the comfort of your dog. Memory foam is stable, but still, soft material that will form your dog’s body. If you have an older dog memory foam, you will also be able to alleviate pressure on your muscles and joints. This can take away some of your dog’s discomfort as they lie down, making them relax.

  1. Non-Skid Base

It’s necessary to have a non-skid base at your dog bed. When your dog goes to sleep, you don’t want them to roll around the house in their room. Your dog’s bed will remain on with a non-skid foundation.

  1. Removable Cover

This is important, and this function should extend to all dog beds on this list. You should take the cover off your dog’s bed with a flexible cover and throw it into it. A flexible cover makes it much easier to clean your dog’s bed-sheet. This feature will always make any dog bed a washable dog bed.


Our Top Pick

Our choice for the best waterproof dog bed is Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed. Why? Because it manages to get two inches of high-density comfort foam beneath the two inches of memory foam packed into a waterproof shell. The cover will go into your washing machine without a problem, so it’s easy to clean. The waterproof shell works well for puppies that are crate training because those accidents won’t absorb deep into the bed. This leaves the bed and your dog or puppy smelling as clean as possible all the time.  It is an excellent choice for the best balance between quality and price.


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