Dogs Can Thrive On It! – BEST Vegan Dog Foods 2020

Best Vegan Dog Foods 2020

Everyone wishes to have a happy and healthy pet. For this, you cannot compromise on what you feed your puppies and dogs. Mostly, owners try to feed vegan dog food to their pets when they are vegan as well! This however does not have to be the case. Contrary to popular belief, It is abundantly clear that dogs can thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet also just like humans. There are plenty of excellent vegetarian and vegan dog food out there today. I have listed some of the best vegan dog foods in 2020.

In the list below, I have the best vegan dog foods, they are not only a good diet for your dog, but also full of nutrients that dogs need without meat. This post will help you make a decision that meets your dog’s needs and as well as your financial requirements — we know that your dog is like family.  This post we will show you how dogs can THRIVE on a different diet than the traditional carnivore diet by noting problems of traditional diets and well-known companies.

Why Is A Vegan Dog Food Completely Possible?

The main concern people initially go to when no meat for a dog is brought up are they are descendants of WOLVES.  Wolves are pure carnivores- so a dog should be too right??

Well…. contrary to popular belief dogs in fact CAN have a vegan diet and thrive. If you actually look into where dogs came from on a taxonomic table Canidae (wolves) and Ursidae (Giant Panda) are closely related. Branching from that you have for example raccoons and foxes.  Many of these animals are scavengers that really eat whatever they can as opposed to only meat.

This is where you say look at their teeth right? The sharp teeth are made for meat only?  Well, when you look at a giant panda it has the same type of teeth as other carnivores but it is primarily an omnivore.  It mainly eats bamboo and leaves all day. Dogs can actually do a vegan or vegetarian diet and are actually more omnivorous than we commonly think especially for how long they have been domesticated by humans, this diet is entirely possible.


List of Best Vegan Dog Foods 2020

Products Name Images Rating Price Details at Amazon

Wild Earth Healthy High-Protein Formula Dry Dog Food

4.9 Click Here

Halo Vegan DryDog Food

4.6 Click Here

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food

4.5 Click Here

Benevo Dry Adult/Puppy Food

4.3 Click Here


1. Wild Earth Healthy High-Protein Formula Dry Dog Food

This food I recommend and believe it is the best for a couple of reasons.  The one thing a lot of people have as a concern when talking about a vegan diet is protein content and where it is sourced from.  We know that it is too hard to find clean, organic, or renewable ingredients in traditional pet food Your dog does not always get a well-balanced nutrient blend even then with traditional carnivore food.  Wild Earth was featured on the show Shark Tank and had the backing of wealthy investors right out of the gate.  What separates them from the rest of the pack is the magical source of protein that solves the problem of getting the essential nutrients without meat and they exceed AAFCO guidelines.  Dogs go wild for it!

What Is The Protein Source?

I personally use this dog food myself currently. I was skeptical at first too, thinking meat-based is the only way for Lilou to get the ALL the essential nutrients. Then I saw Wild earth vegan dog food is chuck full of high protein that a dog needs compared to the puppy food Blue Buffalo we fed Lilou (not alot of puppy vegan options)-that caught my eye. Wild earth production team uses common ingredients based on other plant diets and supplements it with isolated essential amino acids like L- Carnitine(found in meat). They also have essential minerals like calcium carbonate to ensure calcium is not lost in the diet as well.

The main protein source is YEAST which is very unique to them. The protein generated by the yeast is of the highest quality and contains all 10 essential amino acids your dog needs. It’s just as nutritionally dense as meat-based protein, but with none of the downsides. This quality makes it unique and popular among the owners.  I find that it actually has MORE protein than many meat based diets as well.  With the rich density of omegas and DHA it is a great choice  for large breed dogs  which may be prone to hip dysplasia as well for optimal joint health.

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Why Wild Earth Goes ABOVE Comparison To Meat based?

This veterinarian-developed vegan pet food provides specific nutrients at a high level without fillers and other trust-related issues regarding what is REALLY going into your dog’s meat-based diet. It includes nutrient ingredients:

  • 31% protein– WITHOUT MEAT
  • plentiful digestible fibers from many veggies
  • rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as essential amino acids  as well as DHA


  • Wild earth supplies a high portion of healthy protein -31%.
  • It is free of fillers and provides digestive support.
  • In much testing, Dogs love to eat this food!  When you open the bag it smells like fresh baked bread.
  • The CEO is so confident in this product he even has a video where he EATS IT


  • It is more expensive than most dog foods.
  • It is different than other dog foods by a lot with the yeast-based protein. They are ONLY vegan too.  Other companies have a choice such as Halo or Natural Balance.

2. Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food – runner up

Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food is also a solid choice and a close second to Wild Earth. It is an excellent vegan food that consists of fresh, organic ingredients that provide ultimate nutrition to your dog. Halo vegan dog food does not use rice, maize, or wheat as filler; these can induce some allergic or allergy-related reactions in dogs, and so it may not be the brand for you if your dog suffers from certain food allergies, however.  Nutrient wise it is rich in veggies, fiber, and amino acids.


  • Provides the required nutrition to your dog.
  • Relatively thin and easy for your pup to chew
  • Halo is a company that has a long history; that’s why it understands vegan culture and values clearly.


  • The lack of preservatives.
  • Bad product storage conditions.


3. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food

Our choice for the best vegan wet dog food is Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Dog Food. This is 12 cans, each containing 13 ounces. The nutrition comes from brown rice, cracks barley, oatmeal, peas, and carrots, all the same, essential nutrients as their meat. There are also easily digestible potatoes. This is a pure vegan recipe without any animal products.

Natural balance vegan dog food is tested with nine safety checks to ensure a healthy and nutritious product is offered to your dog. This product also has fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 to strengthen your dog’s skin and support a shiny coat.


  • A small amount can be purchased at a time which helps you to evaluate your dog’s interest without breaking the bank.
  • Prepare through a balanced formula for the care of your dog with minimal ingredients.
  • The protein is extracted from peas, a dog favorite for digestibility.


  • Some users report that the food recipe or thing has changed, and their dog’s consistency or satisfaction is not as good as it once was because they do not own their own manufacturing plant
  • They do not really offer a grain-free option if you choose, thus making it work much better for only some dogs.


4. Benevo Vegan Dry Puppy Food

One great vegan dog food is Benevo dry puppy food. Benevo dog food is a famous UK brand that has no links to anything related to the animals and has an established reputation in the space. It contains no grains, so it is suitable for dogs with grain allergies. It is typically simple in the sensible digestive system. Buyers said that their dog is less stomach irritated and flatulent than similar vegan diets with this formula.

It contains probiotics and yucca extract that help with gas control in growing dogs and stomach and intestinal issues. This is a good diet from little to giant breeds of dogs and for puppies of all sizes. It also contains, if that’s essential for you, no genetically modified ingredients like many of the meat counterparts. According to the reports, dogs really enjoy this food.



  • It provides all the essential nutrients. They have organic, original, and puppy formula to choose from
  • It is free of meat and the company has been operating in the “meat-free” realm since 2005 and is well established
  • Offers a hypoallergenic.
  • Offers a Puppy formula where others do not


  • It can cause stomach irritation in some dogs with the increased fiber
  • Dogs have a shorter digestive tract so the extraction of nutrients needs to be faster. With increased fiber, the food can pass too fast and the dog misses out on some nutrients


Benefits of Vegan Dog Foods

After analysis, the many studies, we find out that even the most active dogs can lead a healthy and productive life without meat requirements. A vegetarian or vegan diet can provide dogs with any nutrition that they need.

Very few studies reveal vital health and happiness is completely an advantage of the meat diet. The diet has the same advantages for most people. As long as the diet is usually rich in foods and less refined, the overall health and longevity seem to be just as good if not better.

Ethical and environmental effects also make up the rationale behind the move for most stakeholders and dog owners alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Vegan Dog Foods Good And Safe To Feed?

YES, vegan dog food can be as safe as the alternative to meat. You must make sure you are getting the proper calcium, amino acids, and proteins that sometimes can be lost. A vegan diet is just as fraught with myths and possible negative examples for our four-legged companions as it is for humans. So long as you pay particular attention to the diet’s nutritional value, you feed your dog and make sure the food is good and that all the food they need is not as unhealthy as any other diet.


  1. Does A Vegan Dog Live A Long Life?

Yeah. Vegan dogs tend to live longer than their counterparts on meat-based diets. This is due to multiple factors and varies on a case by case basis, but anecdotal evidence suggests a strong association.  Many of these best vegan dog foods listed can be trusted to be “cleaner” . This is because the animal industry can get a bit messy with the ingredients and has been in the past.


  1. How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Allergic To Its Current Food?

Speak broadly, food allergies are not very common and are clearly detected by very extreme human reactions. Sensitivities to food maybe a little more gradual, and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, or skin issues, such as hives, itching, and severe and persistent infections, may be established. You can check in with a licensed veterinarian if you think this may be an issue.  This diet may especially work better for you in these cases



A vegan diet can enrich your dog to live a longer life as well as let there be less cruelty to other animals and the environment. As long as it’s regulated and supplied with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  You should always do research and at least make sure it has the AAFCO certification if you are going vegan.  This will ensure you are giving your dog a well-balanced diet. It is a significant decision to find the right food for a dog, which includes several different factors when also going vegan with your dog.

Wild Earth dog food ticks every box we can think of for me, pound for pound. Those who choose to move their dogs to vegan dog food have come at a good time.  There are many well-balanced diets out there that have vet approval and the longer these diets exist we are seeing more and more positive results from this diet in comparison to meat-based. Vegan dog foods have been formulated precisely to give your dog a safe and happy life and have been increasing in popularity. This is an excellent choice and I consider it one of the best vegan dog foods of 2020.


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