DogTV- Keep Your Dog Captivated While You are Away

Pups are pack animals, so excessive solitude can lead to bored or frazzled furry friends. Want to avoid unproductive behaviors? Tune in and keep reading.

Keep Pups Captivated While You Are Away

DogTV is the only innovation created for pets with views as well as audio scientifically designed to improve your canine’s setting.

With programs of Leisure, Stimulation & Exposure, your canine makes sure to be relaxed as well as captivated. Programs developed from 60+ clinical research studies, Lower anxiety as well as separation anxiousness, and also Dog-friendly content your dog will love.

DogTV is an approach clinically made to keep your pet loosened up. Your pup is also amused throughout the day whether your home with your puppy or away for the mid-day.

According to General Manager Beke Lubeach, “content is delivered in short three-to-six-minute segments” that reflect the typical hound’s unique hearing and vision attributes. While key elements like color blend and contrast may seem unusual to us humans, they’re incredibly appealing to our cold-nosed companions. As Beke astutely notes, happy dogs lead to happy pet parents!

The Research

After years of study with a few of the globe’s leading animal specialists, this concept was created.  It is a unique material that was developed to meet the specific qualities of your dog’s vision and hearing.  This supports their all-natural action patterns, thus keeps them captivated and away from the window barking at every person walking by.  The visual stimuli on DogTVcan influence a pet’s habits and methods to noise.  This assists canines to be more accustomed to the auditory sounds of the world.  Watching dog tv can lower their stress and anxiety as a result of exposure.  The use of classical music is shown to positively influence pups as well.  By listening to classic music, this relaxes certain dogs more than by various other auditory stimulation.


This premium, canine-friendly television channel is the first of its kind, brought to you by PTV Media Ltd. There is extensive scientific research behind it by top animal experts. Pooches can enjoy 24-hour digital programming for custom-tailored companionship.