Meet Herbie

Dog’s name and age: Herbie, 5 years

Nicknames: Herbs, Herc, Kirk

Adoption story: I adopted Herbie from the city of Denton Animal Shelter in March of 2018. I had cats all my life and after the tragic passing of my last cat the year before, I couldn’t bear to get another one.

I spent months looking until it felt right and when I saw his picture, I fell in love. The shelter volunteers told me he was found on the streets eating garbage and that he had been abandoned. I’ll never forget walking into the shelter and asking to see “Dawg” (his shelter name), and the front desk lady said, “Which one?” That was a good laugh!


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The shelter bed looked huge compared to him, and he looked like a little mop. I crouched down by the window and as if he knew I was there, he got up, turned around, and under all that scraggly hair, he wagged his stub. I promised him he’d never go hungry or cold again, that he’d be loved forever this time. I’ll never go back on that promise, and even now he’s spoiled and happily sleeping next to me as I type.

He’s special to me because of his sensitive yet hilarious personality. His scraggly neck fluff and tiny mohawk are just the cherry on top of the blessing that he is. He’s perfect, I couldn’t ask for a better doggy companion to call mine, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

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