Must Have Product for Puppies- Grannicks Bitter Apple

I wanted to write about this product because of its AMAZING properties for raising a new dog and setting them up for success as best you can.  In my opinion, Grannicks Bitter Apple helps supplement tailoring your pup into the perfect dog and works in 3 different operational categories- chewing on furniture, chewing on you, and chewing on themselves.  I will cover each one individually and how this product has helped me from a personal standpoint.

Chewing On Furniture

This product has worked wonders for my pup in so many ways I would say my favorite would be how it helps with choosing between telling them to stop chewing on furniture (rugs, tables, wood couch legs, upholstery, blinds, etc)  every  5 min or spraying and watching the pup walk up to it completely forgetting why this was cool in the first place.  You can literally spray it on any surface from wood to cloth to even grass.

We have a fake grass astroturf in our front yard and I have caught her trying to pull out the lawn staples and literally peel back our “lawn”.   I go out to spray it and just watch her figure out all on her own this is not cool.  Literally one sniff of it the association is there that this is not cool to chew on.  I have even sprayed it on dirt in our backyard in spots where she digs with success.  Spraying on dirt is not recommended however because of rain, wind, and soil absorption.  If you are doing this I recommend a bigger bottle.

Chewing On You

Another thing I used this for a lot from 8 to 14 weeks of age was putting a little on my fingers.  I did this when she was going crazy chewing on my hands.  Teething is still teething, however, this does help a lot.  I like to hold, pick up, and cuddle the pup a lot and I am probably not alone in this.  Snuggling is great, but then those little needles in their mouth get longer and sharper, even though your dog is not biting you with malicious intent- it still hurts.  Putting this on your fingers early will let your pup develop the association that your hand is not a toy.  It is normal for the dog to make a face because the taste is so bitter to them. They will NOT want to try again because of this property- which helps a lot.

Chewing On Themselves

 Grannicks Bitter Apple Grannicks Bitter Apple

This product also works great for is spraying on their paws or really anywhere to avoid excessive licking and scratching.  I currently reside in Denver CO where it is VERY dry- this causes a dog to itch and scratch more than ever.  Although scratching and biting themselves can be a normal part of grooming, this product has a great application to keep them from going too crazy or if you want them to stay away from an injury or just general excessive licking which is easy to identify.  My friend has a mastiff- lab mix breed dog and in this dry climate, he literally will lick his paws bloody and scratch himself until the same outcome.  Help the pup to detur this unfortunate behavior with this product.


 Grannicks Bitter Apple

You can find Grannicks Bitter Apple in many places and it is not hard to find.  The ingredients are not too complex.  This is reassuring because it only contains “water, isopropanol 20%, bitter principles, and extractives”.  It is safe and I have had 3 dogs prior that were “aggressive” chewers and very energetic breeds. This product was EXTREMELY helpful in getting the dog to make negative associations when chewing on furniture, you, or themselves.  I have HIGH praise for this product from my personal experience. I have been told however in rare circumstances some dogs find the bitterness not too bothersome.  Overall I am very confident you will find Grannicks Bitter Apple helpful for your pup or dog.  At least one of the three categories I listed above this will help. Enjoy all your items left intact all,  Cheers!

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