Your New Best Friend: Seven Reasons Why Puppy Adoption is a Wonderful Choice!


If you’re on this site, then you already agree that home only gets better when there’s a dog in it! All dogs are wonderful, but did you know all of the benefits that come along with adopting a shelter dog? Puppy and dog adoption is a wonderful choice Rescuing your next four-legged bestie from a shelter is a great way to give a loving animal a good home and helping shelters do what they do best – save lives!

The Pandemic- A Postive Impact on Furry Friends finding Loving Homes 🙂

2020 has been a pretty tough year for us humans, but at least it’s been kinder to our four-legged friends: puppy and dog adoptions have been on the rise! Shelters across the nation are seeing an increase in adoptions and interest in fostering shelter pets. Puppy and dog adoption is a wonderful choice and it has been a silver lining in 2020.

According to data collected from Shelter Animals Count, a non-profit organization that collects data on shelter pets, adoption rates of reporting agencies jumped 32% in April 2020 vs April 2019. The rates stayed consistently above 2019 numbers through October (the last reported month was November, where 2019 and 2020 stayed the same).

Shelters across the country are seeing the happy trend of high adoption rates due to many people working from home, having more free time, and looking for an emotional support animal during the pandemic.

Are you thinking about joining the fun and adopting your own buddy? Consider following the lead of so many other people and check out your local shelter. You won’t regret it. There are so many benefits, and we’ll list just a few of them right here.

Seven Reasons Why Puppy and Dog Adoption is a Wonderful Choice

Keep Reading! You might just take a trip to a local shelter to find your new best friend!


  1. Many shelter dogs are already trained.

There’s no question that puppies are adorable – but they’re also a lot of work! Puppies require a significant time investment in training and socializing. While always worthwhile, it may not be feasible for a busy family.

Unlike puppies, many adult dogs found in shelters have already been trained. You can find several friendly dogs that have already been taught basic commands. Furthermore, many are already housebroken, which is a huge benefit.


  1. …They Have a Lot of Medical Needs Already Taken Care Of!

Many shelters ensure their dogs have all of their vaccinations and some may even already be microchipped. Ask about spaying and neutering too: your new pet may already be “fixed,” or the shelter may have these services available at a discount.

It will depend on the shelter and the dog, but often shelters will have information on your new friend’s medical history. When you consider all of the vet bills and vaccinations, getting a shelter dog can save you time (AND money)!


  1. Adopting An Adult Dog Helps You Find a Good Personality Match.

Just like people, puppies change a lot when they grow up. This can include their personalities, which can change based on their experiences as they grow.

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Adult dogs, however, don’t tend to change much, so you have a good idea of a dog’s temperament from the beginning. Some adoption centers can even help match you and your dog based on your personality!

And let’s not forget – you can also skip the energetic puppy stage. While fun and exciting, many people prefer to start with an adult dog, and shelters can help!

  1. There Are So Many Options!

Many people have their heart set on a certain size or type of dog. No matter your preference, chances are you will find it at a shelter. There are a wide variety of dogs to choose from.

The internet makes it easy to find them, too. There are a lot of websites that will help you browse all available dogs to find your perfect match. Check out – you can search for your perfect pet by age, breed, and location. Puppy AND Dog adoption is a wonderful choice.


  1. You Can Find Purebreds, Too.

Many people think of “mutts” when it comes to shelter dogs. And mutts are great dogs! They will love you just as much as any purebred. But if you do have your heart set on a purebred dog, don’t count shelters out.


You’ll find purebreds at shelters more often than you would think, so it’s worth a look.

If you have your heart set on a certain breed, there are quite a few sites that will help you find them. Just one example is the AKC Rescue Network. Search for a rescue of the breed of your choice on their site.

And don’t forget about Google! A quick online search should help you find several options, too!


  1. You Will Help Shut Down Puppy Mills.

Think of puppy mills as puppy “factories.” The mothers are kept locked up in deplorable conditions and bred constantly over the years, churning out as many puppies as possible. The puppies here get little attention and are discarded afterward.

Most people would find this practice abhorrent and would never want to adopt a pet under these circumstances. Unfortunately, many puppies from pet stores or ads may be from puppy mills, unbeknownst to the people buying them.

When you adopt, you guarantee you’re not accidentally supporting puppy mills. This helps decrease business for them.


  1. Adoption Save Lives!

The Humane Society estimates that over one million cats and dogs are euthanized each year in the United States. Shelters are bursting with animals who would love to go home with you and adopting a dog from a shelter gives them a home and a life they would not have otherwise.

Not to mention the fact that when you take your new family member home, there’s a spot in the shelter available now for the next dog or cat that needs one.

It really puts the word “rescue” into perspective, doesn’t it?


Final Thoughts

Being able to save a life is a powerful and moving experience, and the benefits last a lifetime as you and your new best friend make memories together.

A shelter dog makes a great pet for so many reasons and is an obvious choice when considering adding a four-legged family member! With shelter adoption, you provide a happy life for an animal who needs one. And for you, adoption is a wonderful choice, the rewards are endless!- a wagging tail and lots of happiness!


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