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Dogs Love for Sticks Knows No Bounds

-Splintery outdoor stick Vs PetStages Dogwood synthetic stick toy for dogs

If your dog is like mine, you probably already know dogs LOVE sticks.  Different shapes, sizes, weight, dry, wet – It doesn’t matter.  With my dog Lilou, she found her love for sticks very early, but it also presented its challenges early on and put me in-between keeping the loving relationship going or trying to take away her favorite natural toy every chance I got.

synthetic stick toy

Branches Aren’t Always Bestsynthetic stick toy

There are a couple of issues with this age-old natural “toy” however.  I have found blood on twigs my dog has chewed on many occasions coupled with blood on her gums and lips.  My puppy has been teething with the adult teeth coming in so chewing on sticks even more occupying for her, despite it cutting her gums.  The excessive chewing will inevitably cause the stick to splinter out which is swallowed and can potentially wreak havoc on the digestive system.   My neighbor had to have his dog undergo surgery to the dog’s mouth because his dog was running fast with a stick of larger size and the stick jammed into something punctured through his gums and lip. This is very concerning because most dogs are drawn to sticks from a very young age, almost seemingly predisposed to loving them as I stated earlier.

Product Solution-Petstages Dogwood Toy


I want to be clear I’m not trying to say you should just cut your dog off 100% from sticks but this helps moderate and lets them bring their love for sticks inside your home -(unless you like wood clippings all over your floor). This synthetic stick toy has been phenomenal for me because she has been constantly needing an outlet to chew and sticks are her jam.  This product keeps her busy while having the natural flavor of real wood combined with a synthetic safe material for added durability compared to those quick to splinter all-natural sticks.  This product floats like a stick and when you throw it, your hand does not run the risk of splintering as you release the stick.   Below I have included some close-up pictures, so you can get the idea of how this product has small flakes of pinewood infused with polypropylene that DO NOT get all over the inside of your home but preserve that authentic wood flavor while satisfying the need to chew on a stick.  They also come in different flavors such as mesquite. All these products are 100% made in the USA.

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4 sizes to choose from based on the size of your dog                    

PETITE (4″) — < 15 lbs

SMALL (approx 5.3″)—  15-20 lbs

MEDIUM (7.5″)— 35-40 lbs

LARGE (8″)—50 lbs and Over


Below is a close up of the product (after wear and tear- still nothing sharp. No mess on your floor.

synthetic stick toy


If you are having any issues with your dog bringing sticks in your home and you are having a rough time taking away sticks when they are nice and preoccupied I recommend this Petstages Dogwood Toy. Bring their favorite natural chewable inside your home and forget about the mess!.  It is not expensive comparably and is widely available in many retail stores and online marketplaces such as Chewy and Amazon.  This product has excellent dental benefits, especially during periods of teething when chewing in excess is very common.  Keep your dog feeling like it got away with bringing a stick inside the house and let them chew away 🙂

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