Starmark Dog Puzzles-Feeder for High Energy Dogs

There are many products out there to keep your dog busy, this product- The Starmark BOB-A-LOT interactive dog toy has worked soooo well for my puppy right now and is one of my favorite products.  Starmark dog puzzles are always seeming like a specialty gift until you have a breed of dog that runs like the Energizer Bunny.   These toys definitely seem to take precedence over tennis balls and such, when you are preoccupied and your dog is acting like it will explode if you do not go for a 5-mile walk in the next 5 minutes.  I wanted to share this product, Starmark dog puzzles, that has come EXTREMELY handy compared to others I have seen because my dog AND myself enjoy equally for different reasons.  If you have an ACTIVE golden retriever/husky Shepard like my dog Lilou……keep reading 🙂


The video above is from when my pup Lilou was 3.5 months and probably about 20lbs.  This is the “small” size of this toy to get a good idea of the size needs for your pup

The Need For Interaction And Puzzles

Interactive dog toys I have been looking quite extensively for the best, as my puppy-(4.5 months at time of writing)- has been getting a need for stimulation more and more often.  Puzzle feeders are getting more and more popular because it slows down the dog’s feeding time and stimulates the puppies mind.  I find it quite funny to watch the dog sit there thinking about the next move and watching them develop problem-solving skills and other desired attributes. I came across this Starmark dog puzzles a couple of months ago when we were at a friend’s house and my pup wasn’t really eating and was barking at the other dogs that were around.  We got this toy out and it was like instant focus on the toy (video above)-  I had to purchase it right when I got home. I bought the small as seen in the video.

Price and Sizing

The Starmark BOB-A-LOT interactive dog feeder is available on Amazon, many other sites like Chewy, and brick and mortar stores such as Petco and Pets-mart.  It comes in 2 sizes:

  • Small -(in video below, my dog is about 25-30lbs) / Price:  $12.81 (amazon)
  • Large– about 2x the size and recommended for dogs greater than 30lbs/ Price: $19.78 (amazon)

This toy is made of very thick plastic and is hard for any dog to really chew it….although they will not want to chew it once the treats start flying out of Starmark Dog PuzzlesStarmark Dog Puzzlesit anyway haha.  As pictured left, you unscrew the yellow part and add the treats/food before replacing the top again.  The hole at the top-(2nd picture from left)- is the same size as the hole on the side- to avoid putting treats and food that are too big into the main body of the product and will get stuck inside.  There is a slide to secure the food before screwing the yellow top back on as well.

Lastly, the purple part has a hold that also has a slider for you to adjust “difficulty”- from there, just watch your puppy problem solve and stay busy. In a fun way, this toy rewards all those smart puppies out there by having them poke and rock it with their nose and paws, while perfectly learning to knock the treats more and more efficiently- which builds confidence. You can also just put their kibble in there as well for a fun way to eat healthy 🙂


Lilou got much better as she aged by using different tactics to get the treats.  She probably could benefit from the large size in this video to be honest.


This toy gets a heavy recommendation from me because it keeps my dog occupied for the longest amount of time compared to other “ball with hole” products.  This toy stays in place rocking for the most part which allows for longer focused play and attentionIt is a purely practical toy because it has mental benefits coupled with the peace and mind that your dog is having fun and feeding itself at the same time.  The Starmark BOB-A-LOT is a super well-designed product for a very affordable price.  It is a wonderful, cheap, and fun way for you to get peace for a couple of hours while your dog gets a mental and physical workout simultaneously… Your dog will thank you!

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