What Is The Best Type Of Dog Bed

Do you live somewhere with low temperatures during the winter months? Do you live an active lifestyle where a more durable dog bed can come in handy?  Do you want a bed that your dog can use outdoors? You are probably wondering what is the best type of dog bed.  You came to the right place.

Do You Need a Winter, Washable, or Waterproof Dog Bed? In this post, the question will be answered as well as some nice recommendations. If you are a new pet owner, you may be wondering whether the winter affects your furry friend. The answer is yes! When there are sub-zero and low temperatures, it will be time to change a dog’s routine so that they can stay warm and comfortable. Just like you need to adjust your heating and change your bedding, you will also have to prepare your pup for nights in winter.

It is also essential to note that keeping your dog warm and cozy in winter goes a long way in ensuring top health in them. So, it is downright necessary to have a dog bed for your lovely canine. Waterproof or washable dog beds can be great for puppies or seniors too.

How to Choose a Dog Bed?

First of all, your canine needs a safe and cozy place to sleep when it is freezing outside or not. Most of the time, dog beds are on the ground and this is where a lot of the cold air circulates during the night. Therefore, you will need to find a dog bed that lets them snuggle in and stay comfortable.

In particular, dog beds with fur and fleece lining are going to be ideal for winter. Although these dog beds warm, these are not washable or waterproof dog beds most of the time. It is going to retain heat and allow your canine to curl up and stay cozy. Ideally, you will want a dog bed that is easy to wash too. This is going to make sure that it stays clean during the winter months. You can always add blankets that are furry if you already have a dog bed. There are many warm pet blankets online that you can buy to make the area friendly for your pooch.

There are also dog beds that are raised. This can be good for staying out of draughts if the floors in your home are cold. But if your canine is older or has mobility problems, ensure that it is a comfortable height for them.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Dog Bed

There are a lot of factors that come into play while choosing the ideal bed for your dog. So, if you are about to purchase a new dog bed, you may definitely need to ask yourselves the below questions. Do I need a Washable dog bed, Waterproof dog bed, or Winter dog bed?

3 main types of Dog Bed


Winter dog beds as stated before are going to typically have thicker fabric and in my opinion, your dog will eventually put wear and tear on them faster or chew on them. Lilou ripped up her first bed.  Some nights she would just toss it around as if it made her mad. It was too torn to use within a month. See below for some good winter dog beds

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As the name suggests these have a removable lining that you can completely remove and throw in the washer.  These come in handy if your dog is old and having accidents or for puppies growing into and you know it is inevitable they may have an accident or 2 in their bed/crate.  If your dogs bed is in their crate it does help because dogs naturally will hold their bathroom as long as possible to not soil their “den”.


These are great for camping because mud, dirt, and really anything is possible when you are outside for an extended amount of time with your dog.  Great for relaxing outside by the pool where splashing is inevitable.  I listed below some great dog beds that are typically more durable and a must have for that bed in the back of your SUV or truck.  These also tend to attract less fur because of the material they are made from.  If your dog is a couch dog like mine it is also great to think about putting this over your couch–for your dog and your kids spilling food or drink as well!

What Type of Climate Do I live in?

In order to know whether your dog needs a winter bed, think about where you live. If you know that you get snow and ice during the winter, the answer is going to be yes. In particular, if you find that your house gets colder than others, this is another reason to offer your furry friend lots of blankets and a warm spot to sleep.

Thicker or Thinner Dog Coat?

The thickness of your canine’s coat matters a lot too. For example, there will be dogs with thin and short coats, which will make the winter harder for them. They will need your help to stay warm, particularly with jumpers and warm blankets. Alternatively, if your pup is a breed with a long and double coat, they will be able to cope better with the cold temperatures. You can focus your effort away from a super thick padded bed.

Am I Selecting The Bed According To My Dog’s Age?

Remember that the age of your canine can be a factor to consider too. For example, older dogs that are less active can be sensitive to the cold. This can mean that they need a warmer bed than younger pups. They can spend a lot of their day napping without burning energy. Besides, if your senior pooch has arthritis, this can be aggravated by the cold, which is the last thing you want. Dog beds that form a “cave” snuggle the dog and retain heat even more-  (I listed some below).  I like these products because they give the dog more security and a little safe haven. The blanket going over them creates even more heat retention. Otherwise a traditional winter dog bed and some warm blankets are the answer.

Is the Dog Bed Highly Durable?

Like all other dog accessories, durability is something that you should never compromise while buying a dog bed. If the bed is a waterproof dog bed it should be more durable.  The fibers are usually tighter and not as much cotton-like fabric . You will find a lot of dog beds that are made of low-quality materials and with poor craftsmanship that may require frequent replacements. Also, check what type of filler is inside the bed as most of the time, it is not washable. If it isn’t washable, you will soon have to deal with the wet-dog scent, especially during rainy seasons. Look for a Dog bed that is 100% washer and dryer friendly and made with durable materials.

In Closing

Winter can be a tough time for dogs, and hence there should be no doubt that your dog will need a winter bed. If you can keep the above factors in mind while buying a dog bedding, you will offer excellent health and comfort in your dogs. Moreover, if you have any old bed that you are looking to dump, give it to the nearest local shelter, as they will be more than happy to receive it.

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